The Goddess Evening Speaks

ANGEL Fee: $222.00

This Order includes guardian angels of mankind, and as such, are the most accessible angels to humans. They are more properly named angels by humans than those of higher rank because their Order is more directly in contact with humans.

  • 2 tickets to event
  • Company’s logo, website address posted for 6 months on site
  • Collaterals displayed at the event

CHERUBIM Fee:$111.00

Cherubim are filled by participation in Divine Wisdom, and through them, lesser orders of angels receive knowledge and wisdom. Their name means, “Streams of Wisdom.”

  • 1 ticket to event
  • Company’s logo website address posted for 3 months on site
  • Collaterals displayed at the event


The Goddess Evening Speaks™ organizes events that explore Spirituality, Healing and Extraordinary Experiences. We host leaders in their fields who inspire, educate and paradigm shift our worlds helping to move us into a more accepting, more universal state of consciousness and knowledge.

The topics range from Astrology, Spiritual Mediumship, psychic channeling, healing modalities, healing phenomena, NDE’s (near-death experiences), Past Lives, alien abduction, alien channeling, crop circles, uncovered truths about mystical figures & inspirational leaders to name a few. We welcome your inquiries and suggestions about experts in these fields that you would like to see at an event.

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